General Information

A binational joint supervision PhD program in Biomedical Sciences is planned to start in 2022 between the two universities in Buenos Aires (UBA) and in Freiburg (UFR).
The PhD students can either study at UBA or UFR for up to 5 years. The program includes a min. of 6 months research at the partner university in the equivalent laboratory which can be very fruitful and enriching for your research project. As a PhD student you will attend a certain amount of practical courses, virtual meetings and seminars, soft skill courses and language courses.  The students will regularly present their research progress to a professional audience and will receive individual supervision of their research project by professors of both universities.

After successful completion of this joint degree PhD program you will receive two doctoral degrees of each university: A doctor of the University of Buenos Aires from UBA (Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry or Medicine) and either a Dr. rer. nat. of the Faculty of Biology or Faculty of Engineering, a Dr. Ing of the Faculty of Engineering or a Dr. sc. hum of the Faculty of Medicine from UFR.

Further information will be announced soon.

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