International Program in Biomedical Sciences - IMBS

What is IMBS?

IMBS offers unique programs in Biomedical Sciences for graduate students with focus on the transfer of scientific knowledge into translational and human medicine, experiencing research techniques in the laboratory with individual supervision in an international study atmosphere at two prestigious Universities in Buenos Aires in Argentina and Freiburg in Germany. It opens you either an academic career or leading positions in health organisations or industry.
IMBS is a joint and well established program between the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and the Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg (ALU).

1. The two years International Double Master Program is designed for international graduate students who are motivated to learn more about the current state of research methods and theory in various subjects related to biomedicine, to improve research techniques in practical laboratory work with individual supervision. Additionally you will improve in scientific writing, presentations and communication.  Besides these enriching scientific experiences you will profit on a personal level by experiencing different cultures, learning new languages and working with international teams. After successful completion of this program you will receive a double Master Degree: two Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences of both Universities. 

2. The six months Winter School in Biomedical Sciences in Freiburg allow you to expand your practical experience in the lab, theoretical knowledge in biomedical related subjects and then jump on to a scientific carreer or into a job.  After successful completion you will receive the Diploma of Advanced studies in Biomedical Sciences of the University of Freiburg.

3. The Binational PhD program in Biomedical Sciencesa joint supervision program between the University of Freiburg and Buenos Aires, will probably start in 2022.

Who can participate at IMBS?

Graduate students in life sciences, natural sciences or related fields, with work experience and good English proficiency. 
See the requirements for each program.

Double Master

Apply for the next cohort 2024-2026
Application deadline: 30.09.2023

Winter School

Apply for next cohort 2024-2025
Application deadline: 30.09.2023