IMBS is managed by dedicated professors, study coordinators and temporary assistants of both Universities in Buenos Aires and Freiburg. The IMBS program is affiliated in Buenos Aires at UBA with the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry and the Faculty of Medicine and at ALU, in Freiburg, it is affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine.

About 45 teachers and academic staff support IMBS throughout all these years. These academic researchers are teaching professors at the University and some of them are equally clinicians at the University hospital.

Students from all continents are welcome to participate at our programs. And we are proud of this internationality, interculturality and interdisciplinarity.  As a student of our programs you will learn the language of each country, you might make friends within your class or your lab team and exchange life experiences across the class borders. Our programs allow you to experience new people, new cultures, new scientific approaches and to acquire abilities to handle new challenging life situations on an academic but also on a  personal level. 

More than 120 students have successfully completed the IMBS Master program since 2008. Since 2018, the year of the accreditation of the double Master program, the amount of students steadily increased. Most of the students continued their academic career as PhD students. So even some students are now teaching at the IMBS program or supervising the students in the laboratory. Some of the students started their career in industry and health organisations. At our annual congress in “Translational Medicine” alumni are giving lectures of their actual research and can use this platform for a reunion. 

During the master program some of the students had the chance to publish results of their research projects which we proudly present here.