The application deadline is: 30.09.2024 for the next years intake in March 2025.

Please prepare all required documents (see “Admission & Fee”) as pdf documents if possible and upload them and fill in the form.

The application for the Double Master program is ongoing. You apply online by using the application form below. You will receive a prompt reply if your application was successful. Your application will be assessed as soon as you paid the application fee of 30 EUR.

Required documents after admission

Admitted students need to send per post to the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) the following documents in English and translated into Spanish with Hague Apostille (international certification comparable to a notarization in domestic law) in orginal and with 3 legalized copies in order to process the correct VISA and to get registered at UBA: 

  • birth certificate
  • passport
  • certificate of criminal record
  • proof of university graduation 
  • transcript of records

If you have problems with Apostille or legalization please contact:

Some extra processing fees could be applied to issue the final degree after the master program is completed. 

Attention: Once admitted to the Double Master Program in Biomedical Sciences,  you need to get registered at both universities and re-register every semester in order to be matriculated and receive the final degree of both universities. In Freiburg a payment of  110€ per semester is required to be registered.

Further information regarding your application and other issues is summarized in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

Visa procedure

If you are admitted to this program please contact first the IMBS office in Buenos Aires:
You will get information on all documents needed for your Argentinian student visa and entry permit.

Each country has its own requirements to enter Argentina.
If you need an Entry Permit, the Argentinean Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry will ask for it on your behalf.
Therefore please send the following documents to the faculty:

  • the complete scan of your passport ( including the cover and back cover of your passport and also including all the blank pages in your passport)
  • the reservation in a Hotel/Hostel/Shared Apartment (we need an address to ask for the Entry Permit)

Once the Argentian consulate received the Entry Permit, you will be able to proceed your student visa at the appropriate consulate.