The application deadline is: 30.09.2024 for the course starting in November 2024.

Please prepare all required documents (see “Admission & Fee”) as pdf documents if possible and upload them and fill in the form.

The application for the Winter School Program in Biomedical Sciences is ongoing. You apply online by using the application form below. You will receive a prompt reply if your application was successful. Your application will be assessed as soon as you paid the application fee of 30 EUR.

Visa procedure

If you are admitted to the Winter School Program please contact the German Embassy or German consulat in your country to request information of the required documents.

The IMBS office in Freiburg can assist you in processing your visa, please contact:
You will need a student D visa for your studies in Germany.

Following documents will be provided by the IMBS office in Freiburg for you:

  • health insurance confirmation
  • study confirmation letter

Each country has its own requirements to enter Germany, but you will need at least the following documents for your visa application:

  • a valid passport (at least valid for 1-2 years)
  • an address in Freiburg, Germany (reservation in a Hotel/Hostel/Shared Apartment)
  • proof of enough budget for living (861€/months)