IMBS - International Double Master in Biomedical Sciences

The International Double Master in Biomedical Sciences is a two years master course, carried out at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina and at the Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg, Germany.

This Master Program starts in Buenos Aires for 8 months and continues for another 8 months in Freiburg. The Master Thesis Module of another 8 months can be either performed in Buenos Aires or in Freiburg and will be completed by the Master Thesis Defense.
With the successful completion of our Master Program you will receive 120 Credit points (ECTS) and two Master Degrees:
the Magíster de la Universidad de Buenos Aires en Ciencias Biomédicas and the Master of Science of the University of Freiburg. The language of instruction is English throughout the entire program.

This Double Master Program has been accredited in Argentina by the National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation, CONEAU 2019 and in Germany by the Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute, ACQUIN e.V. in 2017. This program opens you a career either in academia or in a leading position in health organisations or industry.



The IMBS Master has offered me a broad perspective regarding different scientific topics which are currently of high interest, enabling me to apply many of the new strategies and technologies to assess them. In addition, it had a huge impact in my personal life, giving me the possibility of interacting with students from all over the world and learning from their cultures. Daiana Nerina Moretti, Argentina


IMBS was a unique opportunity for me to improve my scientific knowledge by working in laboratories with excellent research and resources. And living in a country with a different language and culture was a great challenge to shape my personality and open my mind to new ways of interaction and learning. IMBS gave me the chance to meet people from many different countries. The program definitely supported me a lot to organise the transition from Argentina to Germany which was the most difficult part. Personally, I had to quit a PhD in Argentina for this master program. But I will never regret my decision. This opportunity gave me the chance to prove myself to achieve greater things. For all of that, thank you IMBS, University of Buenos Aires and University of Freiburg! Gustavo Carrizo, Argentina


IMBS was a great opportunity for me to meet not only young people interested in health research as me, but also professors from different fields of study. This master helped me to see how science works in the world and how we can all work together and combine our knowledge. Agustin Blachman, Argentina


Being part of the very diverse group of students in Buenos Aires and Freiburg allowed me to become more international than I already was. This program opened the door for me to get exposure to various subject matters within the biomedical sciences, and get a Master’s thesis project that was the best fit for me. The fact that the program takes place in two almost opposing places in terms of culture and economic climate resulted in a truly unique scientific experience that not a lot of other programs can offer. Hye In (Julie) Kim, South Korea