Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

The University of Buenos Aires (UBA) was founded in 1821. At present, it represents a well known prestigious place for the training of professionals with over 6650 teachers and more than 100.800 students divided in 13 faculties. Within the area of science and technique, the University of Buenos Aires has an outstanding structure made up of around 6000 researchers and scholars and over 1500 ongoing research projects financed by the University, the National Agency of Science and Technology, the CONICET, and other organizations. The exchange with foreign researches, teachers and students and the design of projects of common interest are some of UBA’s main aims.

Living in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, the country’s largest city and the third largest city in Latin America. Located on the shores of the Río de La Plata, Buenos Aires has always been an open hearted city. It is a modern, dynamic and radiant city that features the european architecture of its founders. Buenos Aires enjoys perennial a mild climate. It has an intense cultural life where tango long coffee klatches and football (soccer) are essential elements in its people’s daily lives.

It is a vibrant city with all kinds of activities to do, having a beautiful combination of old neighborhoods like San Telmo or more modern places like Palermo. You will find coffee shops on every block and restaurants where you can taste delicious dishes like our signature dish called “Asado”. With the SUBE card you can travel on buses around the city or take the subway, traveling from Puerto Madero to Belgrano in less than 30 minutes to enjoy the beautiful sights. Buenos Aires is a lively city full of warm people ready to welcome you with open arms.

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